A Planet-friendly adventure

With a headquarters in Nice, Café du Cycliste is flanked by the ocean on one side and guarded by mountains on the other. The spiritual home of French cycling, the beauty of the Côte d’Azur and Alpes Maritimes is at our door. As an apparel company we champion journeys in the great outdoors using research, design and technology to create products that enable us to go further. Cycling as a lifestyle empowers people physically and mentally and allows us to connect with nature – a key force for changing behaviours and reducing carbon emissions. And this is the equation to solve – we need technology to innovate, but technology must work more harmoniously with the planet and use natural resources accordingly.

‘The more time we spend outdoors, the more we look to protect it.’
– Remi Clermont (Founder, Café du Cycliste)

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Our new platform for buying and selling second-hand apparel. Our designs are built to last over thousands of hours of rides and adventures, and now they can live even longer. The platform is launching first at home in France and we are working hard to make it available to the rest of the world later this year.

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Eco-conscious culture

It’s undeniable the climate crisis requires immediate action. A dangerously hot topic, every business involved in manufacturing – from sole traders to industrial behemoths – has a responsibility to minimise environmental errors and maximise care for the planet. The power and transport sectors play a big role here, and this is where carbon needs to be cut most immediately.

‘Everything we do as human beings has an impact. It’s urgent that we approach things differently.’- Clémence Guilhe (Marketing Team, Café du Cycliste)

Social Responsibility – Impact

Finding the balance

Café du Cycliste’s ambition is to achieve carbon neutrality. Since 2009 we’ve used factories as close to Nice as possible and Europe makes up just under 80% of Café du Cycliste production and textile suppliers. We’ve consistently increased our use of recycled yarns and all our distribution packaging is now compostable and recyclable.

Social Responsibility – Impact

However, putting a halt on our use of carbon fuels (directly or indirectly) or large quantities of water to produce garments, can not happen overnight. Along with other brands in the sportswear field, we must work to reduce impact, using our platform to encourage others to do the same. Cycling as a mode of transport and lifestyle is certainly progressive, but as an industry we can do more.

‘The cycling industry plays a pivotal role in a greener and more sustainable world.’
– Barnaby Ingram (Retail Manager, Café du Cycliste)

Social Responsibility – Impact
Social Responsibility – Impact

1% for the Planet

Café du Cycliste is a member of 1% for the Planet®, donating 1% of our turnover to nonprofit environmental groups and charities. Founded by two fishing friends and businessmen in 2002, 1% for the Planet seeks to strengthen the fight against the erosion of natural habitats, and educate about the climate crisis. With over 5000 members, the project’s vision is to be ‘all together for our planet’. Our donations will be directly funding organisations and NGOs based in France.

Social Responsibility – Impact

Power to the People

Of course, we would be nothing as a company without the people who work here. As an organisation our investment in the welfare of employees also has an impact on society and the immediate environment. Equality is crucial, mental wellbeing essential, and education critical to our collective progress. Diversity and inclusion is also something we continuously look to build upon.

Social Responsibility – Impact Social Responsibility – Impact

Product Excellence

We are now ensuring every product is designed to be as durable as possible to minimise waste, and constructed using the most low-impact means possible. This involves increasing the percentage of up-cycled materials and recycled yarns/fabrics used in our products. We’re also verifying that our manufacturing partners meet a standard of ethics and sustainability, guaranteeing every factory and supplier meets a benchmark of accountability and quality. We have, and will continue to use factories close to home, whenever possible.

‘The changes we can make to reduce our impact will result in a more efficient business and in a better, greener product.’ -Kerri McKee (Head of Customer Service, Café du Cycliste)

Social Responsibility – Impact

From A to B-Corporation

Becoming a B-Corporation is one of our major targets to help us move towards becoming a more sustainable organisation. The assessments carried out will help complete major steps, acting as a catalyst for improvement. Becoming a B-Corp is not an end in itself, however, it will be a means of validation as we continue to progress towards carbon neutrality and efficiency.

Social Responsibility – Impact

The Time is Now


  • Appointed CSR project manager and private auditor
  • 100% biodegradable mail-packaging
  • 0% employees travelling by car (24% public transport | 76% bicycle)
  • Fresque du Climat workshop for all employees
  • Donating to 1% For the Planet
Social Responsibility – Impact


  • Certify factories and supply-chain
  • Decrease use of virgin materials
  • Carbon footprint assessment including fabrication of our materials
  • Achieve B-Corporation status
  • Promote good practice in our offices and stores (energy assessment)
  • Promote cycling within our communities
  • Partnerships with social enterprises
Social Responsibility – Impact
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