Benedict Campbell


Ride & Create: Benedict Campbell. For photographer, filmmaker and visual artist, Benedict Campbell, creativity is intrinsically linked to a life on two wheels, and here he discusses how riding is key to preservation and productivity.



Avignon Lookbook SS22. The special edition Floriane Bastille jersey takes its cues from summer in the south of France. Shot in and around the former papal home and world heritage site on the left bank of the river Rhône.

Le Tour du Vin


Le Tour du Vin. Every July, millions tune in to see the grandest cycling event in the world. And alongside the Tour, which one thing is synonymous with France? Wine, of course.

Sound and Force 2


CDC GT : Unbound - Sound and Force Part Two. Danielle Larson is a full-time bike racing addict. In her second Gravel mission, at the prestigious Unbound in Kansas, Danielle went full throttle, completing the 200-mile race in 12.5 hours.



Alexia Barrier: Repair-Café. When Alexia suggested the idea of organizing a Repair-Café to us, we jumped at the idea. The principle: fix things, don’t chuck them away and replace them if unnecessary.

Interval Training – No Gas Full Gas


No Gas Full Gas : The Film. Sometimes your toughest opponent is the road ahead. Try and break the pain barrier, go that extra mph. Sometimes it is all about fit for purpose. The perfect support, the technical details, the ideal shape and the optimum performance.

Danielle Larson film


CDC GT : UNBOUND USA - Danielle Larson. CDC GT embarked upon their second gravel race at Unbound in the USA. This short film gives an insight into rider Danielle Larson’s fortunes on the 200 mile course, and her general approach to gravel racing.



CDC GT : Unbound. In terms of Gravel racing there is Unbound, and then there is the rest. For Gravel enthusiasts, Unbound is more than a race, it's a pilgrimage, a baptism of dirt and fire that every follower dreams of one day living.

Alexia Barrier 1% for the planet


1% for the Planet - Alexia Barrier. We spoke to our Caravan ambassador and professional sailor Alexia Barrier about her 4myplanet enterprise and how Café du Cycliste will be contributing to her future projects through 1% for the Planet.

Electric Epic : Shooting with Yuba


Electric Epic: Shooting with Yuba. On the French Riviera, the orange rocks of the Massif de l'Estérel plunge into the blue water of the Mediterranean. A photo-shoot takes on the appearance of a somewhat special expedition, with clothing, accessories, crew and photographic equipment.



Ride of the Month: May. May is the season of the markets in Provence, where a cornucopia of open air stalls appear each week in most towns and villages. We often like to go gathering on our bikes to such markets – a great excuse to sample some saucisson, uncover archictectural gems and enjoy a coffee or three.

No Gas Full Gas Facts


No Gas Full Gas Facts. The bicycle’s contribution to a greener culture is undeniable. The wheel is humanity’s greatest technological breakthrough, but now it must be used for the greater, greener good.