Cap d'Ail Tête de Chien

Here you are, in Cap d'Ail for a trail that will take you straight to one of the most beautiful views of the Principality of Monaco. The Beaverbrook car park is an ideal place to start, and if you are both thrifty and ambitious, take advantage of the free 30 minutes to complete the course. Otherwise, slip a small coin into the machine and go for a longer outing.

A few stairs to warm-up will lead you to the first pathway, and quickly, the rooftops of the residential buildings will give way to a clear view of Cap Ferrat. The trails are mostly made up of gravel, but occasionally larger boulders will test your agility. Nothing you can’t handle though.

As you push on, one big effort upwards and the summit reaches out its arms to you. Welcome to the Dog’s Head. According to a recent study, 90% of people cannot hold back a ‘wow’ when the view of Monaco is revealed to them. If you have opted for the free 30 minutes, do not waste time standing with your mouth open, start the descent immediately. For those who splashed out, we recommend enjoying a few minutes admiring the ‘wow’.

The descent is shorter than the ascent and therefore steeper. The view persists for a couple of hectometres, so don't get distracted, and watch out for a few slippery sections of trail. Back in Cap d'Ail, why not take the opportunity to go for a cool-down swim at La Mala beach just a stone’s throw away. It’s a beautifully preserved cove that deserves a closer look.

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