Café du Cycliste x agnès b. | From Paris to Nice, and back again.

“For me, clothing is really about feeling in tune with yourself. If I can help people feel good, feel beautiful, that’s what makes me happy.”

A true icon of French fashion and art, agnès b has been designing clothes and making waves for over half a century. Perpetuating Paris as the nucleus of global fashion and making use of the country’s deep heritage of textile craft, alongside explorations with artists and filmmakers, the brand is a true trailblazer.

Together with Café du Cycliste, they have created a capsule of adaptable clothing, for the city, the bike and beyond – all designed in France between Paris and Nice. Using classic pieces from their core collection and updating them with inspirations from cycling apparel, agnès b. continue to collaborate in new and innovative ways; 50 years since agnès first set out on her illustrious journey.

Half a century of designing iconic pieces, with an emphasis on ethical practices and social responsibility makes agnès b. a legendary brand. With Café du Cycliste’s commitment to quality manufacturing close to home, and a dedication to preserving the planet, this collaboration is a special meeting point.

"We have been manufacturing in France for a long time, taking advantage of a real savoir-faire and qualified people and workshops.”

Paris has long been regarded as the fashion capital of the world, and between its vibrant streets, bars and galleries, numerous iconic names have emerged. But the brand that has effortlessly captured or perhaps even created the quintessence of casual Parisian style, is agnès b.

Established by Agnès Troublé (known as agnès) in 1973, the brand quickly gained recognition for its distinctive modernism, rejecting the ostentatious and extravagant in favour of a simple, utilitarian and laidback aesthetic. Opening her first boutique in an old butcher’s shop in Les Halles in 1975, agnès quickly found the edge with rule-bending creativity and a more minimal approach to design.

Inspired by the everyday lives of ordinary city people, agnès created clothing that effortlessly blended style and comfort, redefining the idea of fashion for all. Amongst many iconic designs, agnès b. is noted considerably for the timeless cardigan-pression – a snap-fastened cotton cardigan worn by generations around the world since 1979. It’s functionality and simple elegance make it an enduring favourite and epitomised the way agnès b. captured the essence of French style with an air of sophisticated nonchalance. In the agnès b. x Café du Cycliste collection, you’ll find a new take on this masterpiece.

Other iconic designs of the brand include overalls, work jackets, striped t-shirts and photo-printed fabrics. All of these designs work across generations and personal styles, allowing individuals to express their own character. Now with over 200 stores worldwide, the brand's boutiques can be found in major cities from Paris and New York to Tokyo and Hong Kong.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, agnès b. is dedicated to social responsibility and ethical practices; and as a designer and art patron, agnès b. supports creativity in all forms. In 2009, the agnès b. endowment fund was established to structure sponsorship, partnership, and philanthropy initiatives. It is one of the first endowment funds created in France, and in 2020 a new venue showcasing the work supported by the agnès b. endowment fund was opened. Called La Fab, the space is open to all, and presents over 5000 pieces of Art, located at Place Jean-Michel Basquiat in Paris and also housing the Galerie du Jour and a bookshop.

The brand actively supports numerous charitable initiatives and uses sustainable materials and production methods wherever possible. agnès b. strives to make a positive impact on the fashion industry by promoting fair labour practices and environmentally conscious choices. This solidarity is most notable through the Tara Ocean Foundation.

As a company always looking outwards, agnès b. has cultivated an artistic reputation through collaborations with various creative minds. An artist herself, agnès actively promotes emerging talents through various initiatives, exhibitions, and collaborations. This unique synergy between fashion and art has allowed the brand to cultivate a loyal following of artists, intellectuals, and fashion heads who appreciate the brand's holistic approach to creativity.

This summer’s collaboration with Café du Cycliste is no exception, and we are pleased to share ideas and our respective expertise to create something special.
The bicycle’s contribution to a greener culture is undeniable, and was why agnès b. jumped in with us to collaborate. agnès herself has been very involved in the collaboration’s direction, updating some of her most timeless pieces into modern styles inspired by cycling apparel. The collection also features some personal touches from agnès, with handwritten messages relating to the act of cycling and discovery when on the move. ‘Regarde plus loin’ or look further, ‘let’s go’ and ‘pause’, all reflect the dynamic and meditative aspects of travelling by bike.