Atelier Collection SS22

Atelier is a collection by Café du Cycliste comprising one-off pieces produced in small quantities. Uniquely styled, the collection mirrors the freedom of the road within the design and development process itself. By limiting the constraints which are inherent in standard production, the creative possibilities increase exponentially, producing a richer landscape upon which to work.

Introducing CDC GT

Café du Cycliste’s first official racing team. Bringing together four dedicated riders, all hungry for big adventure on mixed terrain, the project will take them across the globe to experience the best of the world’s gravel competition.

The CDC GT at the UCI Worlds

In its UCI form, Gravel appears to be more of a rolling route with somewhat crunchy roads, without any major technical difficulty. But is sport ever a level playing field? Not in bike racing.

Lookbook Atelier SS22

A chequered-flag repeat pattern and special edition flying-fish embroidered, created for epic off-road escapades.