Héloïse and the Off-Bike Collections

Roaming where the heart is, we are Forever Outsiders. Never married to one sport or style of adventure, we are as free as the river which runs through the landscape, as wide open as the ocean below, as hopeful for new journeys as the mountain is high.
The essence is to go anywhere and see everything, at whatever pace you choose. And for those adventures that take a more laidback pace the Explore and Active collections exist. For adventure beyond the bike, whichever angle you choose.
Our leisure principles are all-terrain. From ultra-trail runs to laidback fishing trips; these products are built to honour the natural world and the brand’s dedication to the Forever Outsiders spirit.

Make the most of nature’s playground whether you’re climbing high or kicking back low, designed to take you anywhere, or even just stay put. Maybe today it’s hiking and later some climbing; tomorrow some fishing, or just a simple skate from the back door and down the street.

Relax, you’re in the great outdoors.