CDC GT 2022

Introducing Café du Cycliste’s first official racing team, CDC GT. Bringing together four dedicated riders, all hungry for big adventure on mixed terrain, the project will take them across the globe to experience the best of the world’s gravel competition.

An international crew, the team is Danielle Larson of the USA, Annabel Fisher from the United Kingdom, Lydia Iglesias of Spain and Maria Gudmunsdottir of Iceland. The four each bring something different, with athletic backgrounds ranging from Alpine skiing to ballroom dancing. One thing they all eternally share is a passion for the rough stuff, bringing fire and brimstone to wherever they ride.

Our team will race with a philosophy of winning on the experience rather than medals or rankings. They still aim to fight for victory, naturally, but the true prize will be right under their wheels. And of course, the official kit will come directly from our design team in Nice. A special edition Atelier collection reflecting the open-minded, out-there spirit of Gravel.

A major element of the team’s itinerary for the season is travelling to new places and discovering routes less travelled. In these moments our intrepid women will ask the open question #whatisgravel. Defining gravel riding and racing is an infinite quest, and we invite you to ask/answer the question too, wherever your own journey takes you.




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