Gravel en Beaujolais: Winter in the Land of New Wine


Gravel in Beaujolais. The new wine of the season had already been well celebrated when a couple of local cyclists ventured to follow ex-pro and Café du Cycliste ambassador Jérôme Cousin around the vineyards. The course displays 35km for 1200m of elevation gain, nothing very difficult on paper.

Alexis Carlier


Alexis Carlier - Music on the Edge. Alexis thinks hard, no longer feels like taking reckless risks, health is more important than trophies. Alas, in 2019 Alexis turns away from the peloton to devote himself to another passion, cultivated far away from the roads, requiring a different kind of bravery and technique.

Lyon : pédaler à l’heure de la Fête des Lumières


Lyon: Ride of Lights. Every year, on the first weekend of December, thousands flock to the heart of the city to see light shows that will animate the streets for four nights. The illuminations of historic buildings are one of the highlights of the Festival of Lights.

From Wheels to Waves


From Wheels to Waves: Surf sessions in the Mediterranean. Behind their computer screens the boys no longer work with 100% focus on their quotidian tasks. In the background, they furtively glance at the application which makes it possible to follow the formation of the waves, in real time, and to understand their surf-able evolution.

The Review 2022


The 2022 Review. It’s been a big year for Café du Cycliste, inside and out. We want to take a few moments to celebrate some things we’re proud to have seen and done in this year of radical design and outside adventures.

Smart Shelter Foundation


Café du Cycliste supports Smart Shelter Foundation. Smart Shelter Foundation operates in the poorest countries on the planet, covering more than a billion citizens who live in countries exposed to cataclysms and earthquakes, their credo is to ‘promote and improve natural building techniques, collaborate and share knowledge, everyone deserves a safe house.’

Gravel Gruyere


Gravel in Gruyère. La Gruyère is in the canton of Fribourg, and has become famous for its cows, mountain pastures and the cheese of the same name produced here. The small Swiss enclave of just under 500km2 is a favourite place for cyclists who love natural beauty and plenty of elevation.

Atelier AW23 Lookbook


The Atelier Lookbook: The Outer Limits. Step offline into the cool of the real, and you can escape with a different kind of machine. On our bicycles it’s pure human energy, organs and muscles flowing in natural waves, propelled by instinct and perception.

Adrien Liechti: Beyond the Mountain


Adrien Liechti: Beyond the Mountain. Adrien Liechti seems to be in his absolute element whenever he’s outside on a bike. A whirling phenomenon of endurance and speed, we spent two days with him near Geneva, where he lives in-between racing around the world.

Étienne Hubert – Lake Émosson


Étienne Hubert – Lake Émosson. The professional canoeist and Caravan athlete, Étienne Hubert, is preparing for the 2024 Olympics in Paris, where he lives. Part of his process is to take himself away from the metropolis, just him, a tent, his bike and of course, his kayak.

1% for the planet : Cyclotrope


1% for the planet: Cyclotrope, cycling in all its forms. Based in Nice, Cyclotrope is first and foremost a Bike-School. It teaches children and adults through collaborative workshops to get back in the saddle, educate how to safely ride in traffic and carry out mechanical repairs, in a friendly and fun environment.

Liam Yates


Liam Yates : West to East. Suddenly it’s the middle of 2022 and riding our bikes around Europe is normal again... But, the world being as it is, there’s no time to waste. Grateful to the cycling gods, I’m always looking at where to go on the next adventure.