Take the cycle path from Nice and then at Saint Laurent du Var take up the Var valley cycle path. It climbs slowly to where the Var, Tinée and Vésubie river gorges meet. You're heading up the Vésubie, a remote and beautiful deep river gorge with barely any traffic.

At Utelle, take a sharp right and be astounded as you climb high above the road you were on up the valley side.


At Duranus is the Saut des Français, where in the 18th century local resistance fighters from the County of Nice forced French soldiers to jump to their deaths. It's over 200m down.


From Levens you take a right and head through the beautiful villages of Saint Blaise and Aspremont, before descending the Col de Bast into Nice.


Turn this into an epic ride by climbing to the Madone d'Utelle chapel, 900m above the village. The Alpine panorama is worth the effort!