Two of the big boys of the Alps Maritimes – the beautiful Col de Braus and the imposing Turini. After warming up on the gentle Col de Nice, Braus takes you up sculpted switchbacks to 1,002m. Descend on the other side to Sospel, keeping an eye on the peaks over your left shoulder,

if they're obscured by dark clouds, it's probably best you don't head up.


Sospel is a good place to take stock, eat and refill your bottles before the 24km ride from 400 to 1,600m. It starts off gently, in a deep river gorge,

and then gradually opens up, with some remarkable views of rock formations and forests to take your mind off the climb, as well as a chapel perched above the road.


There are plenty of cafés at the top for more drinks and food, and then it's an almost 50km descent down into Nice.