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Merino Fleece Jersey

Inspired by the mountains and the history that goes with them, Alphonsine uses a unique polar fleece fabric, specifically designed to effectively trap air against the body and so provide a natural layer of insulation in colder riding conditions. The blend also takes advantage of merino's natural thermoregulation and moisture management properties, producing a jersey that is fully breathable, high wicking and odour resistant.

There are front shoulder windproof panels for further protection from the elements while, unlike a traditional fleece, the fabric has enough stretch to allow for both a streamlined slim fit on the bike and a full range of movement.

Along with a single chest pocket, Alphonsine has two, oversized, rear cargo pockets and also a zipped pocket for valuables. A full, two way, zip that can be opened bottom or top aids temperature control, a reflective element adds to security when riding in poor or low light while styling details include a chest patch logo along with contrasting pocket flaps and zips.

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  • 38% merino | 38% acrylic | 24% polyester
  • merino fleece fabric
  • mountain inspired styling
  • windproof front panels
  • two cargo pockets
  • zipped pocket
  • natural thermoregulation
  • reflective element
  • classic fit
  • made in europe
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  • Merino

Merino has been proven to breath, wick moisture and regulate body temperature more effectively than synthetics. Unlike some other wool, high-grade merino also has a fine micron count which makes it super soft and comfortable against the skin.

We have carefully selected fabrics that combine the best of what both nature and science have to offer. Our merino jerseys offer the unparalleled comfort, fantastic thermoregulation and odour resistant properties of the natural wool enhanced with the additional strength, durability and rapid drying capability of proprietary synthetic fibres.