True Grit #6

I’m a passionate cyclist, riding all kinds of bikes and living in a rural area in the heart of Switzerland.

At the age of 4, I was already enjoying riding my bike in the hills around Ägeri and Menzingen. However, when I grew older, I lost interest in cycling for several years and rediscovered my passion for this great sport only three years ago.

From “zero to hero” the enthusiasm for bikes reinfected me. And especially the upcoming gravel and cyclocross scene caught my attention. These bikes are the perfect match to conquer the hilly, woody area around where I live whether on gravel roads or over rooted trails.

Challenging yourself on steep climbs or tricky downhills and thereby improving skills and bike handling is always lots of fun and not only physically severe but also mentally demanding.

It simply requires your whole self.

I enjoy observing my thoughts and clearing my mind while riding in nature. It is just my surroundings, my bike and me. This makes the sport so highly meditative for me and moves me over and over again in a state of complete flow.

Since I've been riding again, I can truly say: I climbed onto my bike and found myself…