I live in a semi-rural area called Highvale. It’s in the hinterland about 40 minutes west of Brisbane. That's Brisbane in Queensland, Brisbane in Australia. A million people, a beautiful climate and a place that's great for all kinds of cycling.

I didn't really start until I was about 21 but I was hooked from my very first ride. Just the sense of adventure and being outdoors.

It gets me out in nature and takes me places that people wouldn’t normally visit. The best way to see the world is on a bike.

There’s nothing more meditative than listening to the endless crunch of gravel under your tires. Gravel riding is the most peaceful kind of riding where I feel most immersed in my environment.

It’s bike riding in its simplest, purest form: Just me, my machine, my thoughts and my surroundings.

We have a beautiful National Park at our doorstep. It has lots of climbing and descending and plenty of challenges.

Views all the way to the ocean, incredible subtropical rainforest, peaceful rolling hills in the valley, and the old timber-getters’ trails through the bush.

Sometimes there really is no place like home.

I’m always prepared for every eventuality because a lot of my rides take me waaay off the beaten track and out of mobile reception – I need to be able to fix anything that goes wrong!

I take a full kit of tools and spares, lots of good snacks, some cash – oh and water purifying tablets - there’s not a lot of taps on my rides!