I live in Brooklyn, NY - so a city girl - but soon I’ll be dividing my time between here and a cabin in the woods upstate, in the beautiful western Catskills.

I rode as a child around the neighborhood, then didn’t “rediscover” bikes till I was an adult. What began as a means of transportation slowly evolved into the reason to go somewhere, and in 2014, I went all in on cycling.

Discovering new places and adventures is what motivates and excites me. Once, that landscape was NYC but now it is usually something very different.

Riding gravel requires a heightened sense of attention to anticipate how the bike is moving below you. It’s not as predictable as riding pavement, so I like that it asks more of the rider - a different sensibility, a new awareness.

Upstate NY is underrated, in my opinion - we don’t have huge mountains or long climbs like Colorado or California, but there is a cozy, human scale to the landscape and the variation is also thrilling.

Some of the more beautiful tracks I’ve ridden around the world have been on gravel - carriage roads leading to mountaintop views and alpine lakes in upstate NY; chunky, hypoxic switchbacks in the Cordillera Blanca in Peru.

Plenty of destinations in Europe are still high on my to-do list - it’s the combination of stellar riding + exploring small villages and towns (and their food + people) that appeal to me most!

We’re setting our sights on the Torino-Nice Rally route next year.

It’s never lonely riding a bike - and the connection to other riders is immediate and tangible.

It’s often a struggle to have delicious things on a ride, but my favorite are homemade rice cakes with almond butter and bacon (thanks, Scratch!). Getting fresh, warm apple cider doughnuts from an apple farm are a close second.