True Grit #1

I am a girl who loves sports and I live in the suburb of Iceland’s capital – Reykjavík. However, I grew up between large mountains in the Westfjords of Iceland.

This is my backyard. It’s a privilege to be able to go out your front door and suddenly be in an environment which is the perfect sample of Iceland’s nature with lava, moss and sand but still see the city not too far away.

The gravel culture is simply so beautiful. The people, the experience, gravel events and overcoming challenges. Gravel is hard on your whole body and requires skill as there is so much variances in what is under the wheels.

It is such a fascinating and, in a sense, crazy challenge to go long and stay on the bike for a long time – take the body as far as it can go and still keep your mental toughness.

Gravel takes you to places, both in nature and in your mind.

First and foremost, it’s this sense of calm, even though you are pushing it, being close to nature, all the travelling and you’re able to go so much backstage.

Even though I love solo riding I still love the company of a good coffee ride even more.

I never leave the house without an energy bar, because it is not a good feeling to bonk, then water bottle and an extra jacket.

Then it’s just the classic; tube and gas.

It sucks having to have someone to pick you up.