Étienne Hubert – Lake Émosson

When we asked Étienne Hubert, our Caravan athlete, if we could organise a shoot with him he replied ‘guys, I have something you will like.’ And he wasn’t wrong.

The 34-year-old Olympic canoeist is preparing for the Paris Games in 2024, almost certainly his last involvement. For this his motivation is intense, his stubbornness intact.

Few athletes have the chance to ‘last’ so long on an international circuit. Étienne is one of them. A physical and a mental titan, his lifestyle allows him to compensate for heavy training loads.

Nature, wide open spaces, and adventure play a major role in this balance. It is one of these episodes in the middle of nature, minimalist and contemplative, that he invites us to experience for two days.

A getaway to Switzerland, at an altitude of 2000m on Lake Émosson. Up here is the space needed to train and prepare while benefiting from the purity of the mountain air.

We arrived as the snow was falling in early October, and found a pink kayak more than five meters long, perched next to a small tent

And then Étienne appeared, got on his gravel bike, took the kayak on his back and descended to the shores of the lake.

The kayak launched, he climbed into it with perfect balance. And off he paddled.