The Zinzins de Turini is an open challenge for those who love to climb. All participants must abide by the prescribed set of rules.

Brevets des Zinzins de Turini


The aim is to scale the Col du Turini by at least three of the principle routes (Sospel, La Bollène-Vésubie and L’Escarène via Luceram and the 'lacets' Baisse de la Cabanette). The climbs must be completed in a single day (of twenty four hours) but may be done in any order and on any date that suits the rider.

Brevets des Zinzins de Turini


Each participant is considered to be unsupported and must pay close attention to and obey all local, municipal and national traffic rules and regulations. Each participant must ensure they have any and all relevant insurance cover.

The route card is included with any Café du Cycliste Audax product purchase. Cards are also available at Café du Cycliste in Nice. During the period June to September, the card should be authenticated by being stamped by any business owner or local official in Sospel, La Bollène-Vésubie and L’Escarène as well as at the summit. Outside this period, or where this method proves impossible, authentication is permissible by photographic proof or via Strava.

Brevets des Zinzins de Turini


At the finish of the day, the participant should present their original route card to the organisers (at Café du Cycliste) to be verified. On successful completion, each participant will be awarded the Col du Turini badge.

The times of authentication must be marked on the route card as well as the date of the attempt. The absence of any single required control may lead to a refusal of verification.