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Pure merino beanie for city riding or simply just the city. Using all of the wool's natural performance properties and built for colder weather, the 100% merino hat mixes serious warmth, optimum comfort and signature style. 

In classic navy, Diane is super soft and features a reflective stripe for added security in low light and is reversible to allow the band to be visible when worn either rolled up or flat.

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  • 100% merino
  • reflective stripe
  • reversible
  • breathable & high wicking
  • one size
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  • Merino

Merino has been proven to breathe, wick moisture and regulate body temperature more effectively than synthetics. Unlike some other wool, high-grade merino also has a fine micron count which makes it super soft and comfortable against the skin.

We have carefully selected fabrics that combine the best of what both nature and science have to offer. Our merino jerseys offer the unparalleled comfort, fantastic thermoregulation and odour resistant properties of the natural wool enhanced with the additional strength, durability and rapid drying capability of proprietary synthetic fibres.