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    Why  gravel ?

    Don't get me wrong. I enjoy the road for the smooth tarmac, the comfort of being that bit closer to civilisation and the practicality of knowing roughly what time I'll be home.

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    Trois parts de pizza. Pas vraiment symétrique. Pas trop chargées de garnitures. Mais la même base, avec le même goût, faisant parti d'un ensemble...

    Notre ambassadeur, Manivelle.cc, notre ami et grand mannequin, Fred, et le rouleur "original" et Niçois Denis Morino ont décidé que les Zinzins avait été trop examiné * cet été, alors ils l'ont utilisé pour combler une lacune dans leur calendrier de fin de saison. (* en fait, Fred est déjà un Zinzin certifié qui l'a complété au début de cette année). Continue reading



    Shorts, gloves and shoes. The cycling holy trinity, the three contact points, the three most important pieces of kit.

    Especially if, or maybe when, you choose, to ride across America. West to east, over four thousand miles, from the Pacific rollers to the Atlantic swell.

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    There's a book I once enjoyed about a guy traveling in Afghanistan at the end of the Soviet era called An Unexpected Light. He's a journalist who goes to meet the Mujahedeen before the Taliban took over, whilst they were still fighting the Russians.

    The unexpected nature of the light he encounters is in the oppressed people; the openness of them, their welcoming attitude towards some Englishman in their midst, and of course the actual light itself. Continue reading


    Andy Cox caught our attention on Instagram with photos of remote gravel roads that lived up to his @doubletrackfanatic name tag. As we followed with interest, added to the double-tracks were the high mountain vistas from across the Vosges, the Jura mountains and eventually the Alps. Following his nose led Andy inevitably to Café du Cycliste where we wanted to interview him. But with all that thinking time whilst living and riding solo, he'd done our job already. These are the Doubletrack Diaries.
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