Specific (adjective): relating to species or a species - "the differences between them can only be on the specific level"

    Fons Bikes weren't happy with the 'shrink it and pink it' approach of the most of the big bike brands. Like the best entrepreneurs, they saw a gap in the market, a problem without a solution. So they set out to fix it.

    And when they advised that our women's collection matched their ethos, we took the opportunity to compare notes on what it means to be female specific. Continue reading

  • Winter Cycling : More Conversation, Same Action?


    I’ll be honest. I don’t like winter training. Getting out of bed in the dark and cold. Looking at the lightening sky to divine what the weather will later throw at you from above.

    Putting the porridge and coffee on and then, while they bubble and brew, layer after layer of clothing on your body, which still wants to be in that lovely, warm bed. Continue reading

  • GLOBAL LOCALE : The Core Of South Korea


    Next up in our Global Locale series is South Korea. Almost the entirety of it, from Busan to Seoul. 530kms through a country that is not much longer than that.

    The Watts Cycling's KCR 530 is a unique event created to push the limits and expectations of local cyclists. Continue reading



    The temperature may be at its lowest point of the year, but the heat traces remain. We're not talking about the ever-present palm trees or even more permanent tans of some local residents, but rather the dramatic lines of the Strava Heatmap.

    Playing with the zoom button is a fun way to find our favourite Cols, but without labels or other cartographic features, can you guess which is which? Continue reading

  • GLOBAL LOCALE : Danish Delights


    We love where we ride but we appreciate that cycling isn't about one col, one climb or even one country. Over the coming months we will be adding our support to rides organised by some of our excellent retail partners across the globe. If any of them are where you ride, we - and they - would love to see you.

    First on the list: Farum just outside Copenhagen - the city known as a cycling mecca for those on the northern part of the continent. Continue reading

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