Women's Cycling

  • Pyrenean Traverse : Col Hunting To Friend Gathering


    The food delivery arrived at the house one early summer’s day and a flyer fell to the floor.  My partner picked it up and jumped with joy. “Vegan surf camp!” Apparently we had to go. My immediate response was “where is it and there won’t be any meat?”.  “On the west coast of France, just north of Biarritz” was the response.  “Ooooh I could ride there. Just drop me in Perpignan and I’ll meet you afterwards”.

    Et voilà, all of a sudden I was planning to ride from Sea to Sea via every Col in the Pyrenees. For the first time. Solo. Continue reading

  • Honeymooning On The TransAtlantic Way


    We, Becci and Al, take thee TransAtlantic Way, to be our long-distance cycling honeymoon....


    Venue. Tick. Band. Tick. Dress. Tick. Now for the most exciting part of wedding planning - where to go on honeymoon. After completing the Transcontinental Bike Race (TCR) in 2016 and the TransAmerica Bike Race (TransAm) in 2017 we wanted something a little more... active once the knot was tied. Continue reading



    Specific (adjective): relating to species or a species - "the differences between them can only be on the specific level"

    Fons Bikes weren't happy with the 'shrink it and pink it' approach of the most of the big bike brands. Like the best entrepreneurs, they saw a gap in the market, a problem without a solution. So they set out to fix it.

    And when they advised that our women's collection matched their ethos, we took the opportunity to compare notes on what it means to be female specific. Continue reading

  • The TransAM Bike Race: Across The Great Divide

    Last year, during the Transcontinental Bike Race, Rebecca Harrison became known to us as 'The Girl In The Georgette' when we noticed her sleeping on the floor in one of our signature merino jerseys. This year Rebecca has been ultra-adventuring under her own steam once again, traversing the land of the free during the TransAM Bike Race. Discover her whys and wherefores of life on the long-distance road.

    Continue reading

  • DISTANCE DETAIL: Racing For Memories

    The Girl In The Georgette is back after her TCR adventures last year. Currently on the TransAm Bike Race across America, she gave us her thoughts on the 'why' of ultra cycling. 
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