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    Riding With Retailers #3

    The ‘Crazy Belgian’ is a stereotype that has stuck on our friends from the North and, as 'they' say, there is no smoke without fire. Bart from Café Coureur is about as passionate a cyclist as we have met (and we meet a few...). Continue reading

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    Velo Pavé hail from what is currently 'Most Bike Friendly City In The World' (that's Copenhagen for those of you not up to speed on such important matters).  Their mission is to provide a vibrant community base for lovers of road cycling both old and new, together with an offering of the finest products from the industry.  We have been working with them for over two years and when they told us they wanted to come and sample our fly in and ride out service, we were more than happy to oblige. Continue reading

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    Veletage sum up their approach to cycling with the motto, "Ride Pretty Fast" (Vehite optime velociter!).  We've seen their shop and know that they do 'pretty' in terms of the products and services they offer their customers in Vienna.  And when one of the Veletage partners,, Thomas Priglinger came to Nice to support his wife, Johanna, as she competed against the best in Ironman France, we rode with him and discovered he does 'fast' very well also. Continue reading

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    A Cycle Niçoise

    The old port in Nice (aka Lympia) has been a bastion of shipping and industry since Roman times.  Nowadays, the remaining fishing boats swing incongruously on their moorings among the pleasure craft, super yachts and Corsican Ferries.  It’s a vibrant mix of tourism and trade and the perfect location for our new space. Continue reading



    "Horum omnium fortissimi sunt Belgae".

     Of all these, the Belgae are the bravest/strongest, Julius Cesare in Gallic wars book

    ....and he had never heard of Eddy Merckx Continue reading

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