• Bonette_MilitaryBuildings


    We’d been told there would be no helicopters. That the Mercan’Tour National Park didn’t care if it was the second biggest Grand Tour in the world, that this beautiful landscape only stays that way by not giving in to commercial pressures. We were told wrong.


    The sudden thump of rotor blades announces the aerial armada from the southern side of the mountain and heads turn upwards to see the single dot in the sky circle the Cime de la Bonette. Continue reading

  • Victoires_SeatStays



    Dad’s bikes are nicer than mine, fact. It’s always been and seems it will always be.

    This time I addressed the issue in the best possible way. I ordered from Cycles Victoire two identically specced bikes, one for each of us. Continue reading


    Espresso. Just a shot of caffeine in a cup. At least it might seem that way to those brought up in a world of ‘Starbucksification’ (with a nod to  An alternative view is that espresso is what happens when engineers make coffee. And our Niçoise neighbours UNIC have been engineering for nearly 100 years in order to deliver the finest equipment to the most demanding of baristas.  Including our own.

    Continue reading

  • 59Club

    Moto Mode


    The café racer was born in London at Ace Café with one simple but fantastic idea: drop a coin into the slot of the jukebox then race on a classic ‘out and back’ route to a defined point before the record finished. Such illegal and rebellious behavior got bikers a bad name in the area. Fear and loathing of two wheeled joyriders caught on quite quickly Continue reading

  • Factory_Workers


    Passoni build bikes. There’s a little more to it than that of course but that’s the bottom line. As part of our latest collaboration, we visited their Milan atelier to pick up our own and find out more about how they do what they do. We could easily tell you the facts but struggled with how best to tell you the tale. Continue reading

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