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    Gourmet Cycle Touring With Pannier CC

    One day we’d love to see a heat map showing the global movements of our photographer, Harry Engels, a man who works hard and plays...well you get the idea. His most recent jaunt was in the company of Stefan from Pannier CC and Danny out of Always Riding, one of our excellent retail partners.  The trio escaped London and headed west, almost as far as you can go without needing a boat, for a four day, 200km ‘all you can eat’ cycling tour of Cornwall.  Continue reading

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    Limited edition - 55 and counting

    Limited edition, fifty five and counting

    In 1960 a group of like minded friends in Paris, including several involved in sponsorship of the Tour de France, decided to ride to the ultra chic coastal resort of Deauville, a distance of some 220km. The event was such a success that plans were immediately laid to meet again the following year for a repeat and in that moment the Club Paris Deauville was born. Continue reading

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    Like Father, Like Son

    Michel and Florent Icard are two friends of Café du Cycliste. They also happen to be father and son. We met Florent when he came to our office in Nice to buy a Josette waterproof jersey.
    Continue reading

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    Nice Airport is one of the many reasons professional cyclists live on the Côte d'Azur – it's convenient and has flights to most of the places they need to go to race. Continue reading



    Starting on the 6th of September, the ‘1000 du sud’ (which means ’The South’s 1000’) is not a race, it is what’s known as a brevet. Brevets are long-distance, free-paced cycling events. Each rider can ride at his own pace. And it actually gets more complicated as riders don’t have a support vehicle, they must be self reliant and of course there are the time limits reducing the down time and forcing you to ride at night... Continue reading

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