A Pastel Journey

High value and low saturation. This is what makes pastel colors look so different from the others on the color panel.
Delacroix, Millet, Manet, Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec, all are french artists renowned for the use of pastel in their masterpieces.


Antibes Le Fort - Claude Monet


On the French Riviera, painters such as Matisse and Monet found the perfect light and prevalence of pastel colors.

“Quand j’ai compris que chaque matin je verrais cette lumière, je ne pouvais croire à mon Bonheur” Matisse said.
"When I understood I would see this light every morning I couldn't believe my happiness."

"Ce que je rapporterai d’ici sera la douceur même, du blanc, du rose, du bleu, tout cela enveloppé de cet air féérique" Monet said.
"What I would bring back home from here will be the softness of white, pink, blue; all this wrapped in this fairy atmosphere."

No wonder why so many of them settled on the French Riviera over the years.
This is also where we find some inspiration for our clothing and this comes up at every moment of a typical day in Nice. Join us for a journey through pastel...


Milky coloured walls provide a good dose of pastel in the city


Negresco hotel unique roof color


A quick stop at a purveyor of tasty Italian gelato with a pastel macaron.



After a short swim in the mediterranean by the Promenade des Anglais, the sunset eventually arrives and brings stunning blue and pink pastel shades that are quintessentially niçois. Much like pieces of our cycling clothing such as our Men's Lightweight Fleurette Cycling  Jersey, our Women's Violette Merino Cycling Jersey  and our Men's Edith City Cycling Jersey

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