• The Best Socca In The World


    The best socca in the world can only come from Nice….Nizza….Nissa la Bella.

    The best socca in the world is a matter of opinion, expressed strongly by those who have grown up eating it with papa, maman, grand-mère et papi. Continue reading

  • Pyrenean Traverse : Col Hunting To Friend Gathering


    The food delivery arrived at the house one early summer’s day and a flyer fell to the floor.  My partner picked it up and jumped with joy. “Vegan surf camp!” Apparently we had to go. My immediate response was “where is it and there won’t be any meat?”.  “On the west coast of France, just north of Biarritz” was the response.  “Ooooh I could ride there. Just drop me in Perpignan and I’ll meet you afterwards”.

    Et voilà, all of a sudden I was planning to ride from Sea to Sea via every Col in the Pyrenees. For the first time. Solo. Continue reading

  • Honeymooning On The TransAtlantic Way


    We, Becci and Al, take thee TransAtlantic Way, to be our long-distance cycling honeymoon....


    Venue. Tick. Band. Tick. Dress. Tick. Now for the most exciting part of wedding planning - where to go on honeymoon. After completing the Transcontinental Bike Race (TCR) in 2016 and the TransAmerica Bike Race (TransAm) in 2017 we wanted something a little more... active once the knot was tied. Continue reading

  • Grinduro : The Race To Party Ratio


    How do you stage a bike ‘race’ that delivers the correct party to race ratio™ ?

    Answer : mix a ferry ride, a small but beautiful Scottish Island, 260 rad, open-minded individuals from around the world, whisky (the correct Scots gaelic spelling is ‘whisky’, Irish and Americans say ‘whiskey’), a big dose of rolling mixed-terrain and some lung-busting timed stages.

    Welcome to Grinduro. Continue reading



    Madame Marnier-Lapostolle was simply seeking to downsize. Thirty-five acres of gardens, an Olympic-size swimming pool and room for 30 horses had become a bit of burden. She should have known the house sale might have caused a few ripples in the global property pond. It is after all Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.

    And since M. Marnier-Lapostolle put up a price tag of 1.1 billion dollars for her too-big-to-maintain Villa les Cèdres, the small peninsula beside Villefranche is known as the most expensive real estate in the world. Continue reading

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