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'Lei tretze dessèrts' - or thirteen deserts - are laid out, as if by some unknown hand, on Christmas Eve. The spread of simple treats such as nuts, candied fruits and nougat then remain on the table for three whole days.

The exact elements can vary from village to village or family to family but the number always remains the same.

In Provence, it's a tradition as important as picking out the perfect present.

To help you do that for the cyclist in your life, we’ve put together a selection of things that we’d be delighted to find under the tree.

We've also released some seasonal bundles so this year you can give a little more, for a little less.

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Give a little


It's who we are and where we're from. Wish someone a Joyeux Noel in classic French style.

A mix of merino warmth for performance or city rides, plenty of blue, white and red along with a surfeit of signature Breton stripes.

GIFT BUNDLES: Match a breton bidon with a breton Loulou neckwarmer, add a pure wool beanie to a navy Genevieve or a Loulou to a white and blue Claudette for men or women .


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Give a little

Mountain Air

It's where we ride and the inspiration behind so much of what we do. Add a piece of the Alpes-Maritimes to the celebrations.

Breathable warmth, high performing pieces and high altitude attitude.

GIFT BUNDLES: Choose Lola arm and leg warmers , match a Belgium winter cap with gloves, or add a Marianne merino beanie to a padded Albertine gilet for men or women


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Give a little


It's not always about how fast but how far. Discovering new places and people by going the extra mile (or hundred).

A selection of apparel and accessories inspired by, and built for, those who go long. Over the holiday season and beyond.

GIFT BUNDLES: Add an Audax gilet to an Audax Irma jersey for men and women or go top to toe with an Audax Arlette jersey and Mathilde bib shorts.


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Give a little

La Ville

City streets are some times the best routes we have. Even practicality can be an absolute pleasure.

Clothing which is completely designed for the bike but not constrained by it.

GIFT BUNDLES: Add a pure wool beanie to a navy Genevieve or double up on signature t-shirts for men or women.


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Give a little


Because it's all around us. Because it raises the spirits and, whisper it quietly, some say even makes us ride faster or further. Colour is our friend.

A selection of original designs which combine technical performance and glorious variations of technicolour.

GIFT BUNDLES: Give a Boubou cap and matching bidon, full on protection with Lola RAIN arm and leg warmers or Boubou Farah with bidon and cap for men or women.


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Give a little


Our home on the Cote d'Azur would be a little less azur without the weather.

Lightweights and even lighter weights, ideal for those living in the heat or planning a trip to warmer climes .

GIFT BUNDLES: Pair a classic cap with summer mitts or choose the ultra light Dorothee gilet with matching socks for men or women.