Carbon fibre specialists Colnago have an unrivalled track record in producing race winning machines. Designed in conjunction with Ferrari, the V1-r is their new frame built to achieve the best possible weight to performance ratio. It's packed full of innovative features from the wind tunnel optimised tubes to new standards in braking.

All put together to provide a true pro-peloton ride.


French company Victoire Cycles' tailor made frames are hand built in their workshop in Clermont Ferrand using fillet-brazed or stainless steel. The result are machines which combine technical details with a stark industrial beauty recognisable enough to have been used by leading fashion houses such as Berluti and Givenchy.

Their performance loses nothing when compared to their looks.


Passoni is all about attention to detail and a commitment to building the finest racing bikes in the world. They only use the very best alloys available, weld in a vacuum using a closely guarded mixture of gas perfected and spend 30 hours polishing each frame before it leaves their Milan atelier.

Each project is bespoke, each frame unique in geometry, design and components.