• The TransAM Bike Race: Across The Great Divide

    Last year, during the Transcontinental Bike Race, Rebecca Harrison became known to us as 'The Girl In The Georgette' when we noticed her sleeping on the floor in one of our signature merino jerseys. This year Rebecca has been ultra-adventuring under her own steam once again, traversing the land of the free during the TransAM Bike Race. Discover her whys and wherefores of life on the long-distance road.

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  • Mountain Wars: The Alps vs The Pyrenees

    It's east versus west, grandeur versus wilderness, history versus diversity. It may be mandatory for Le Tour to visit both major mountain ranges on it's annual lap of our home country but, if you had to choose, which would it be: the Alps or the Pyrenees? Max Leonard considers the ups and the downs of our most prominent peaks. Continue reading


    Moto Camille is back with the second part of his reflections from the road during his Moto To Morocco madness. He likes paper maps, he doesn't like roundabouts Continue reading

  • On The Road Again

    « In Tennessee in the rain again

    and the fireflies never go to sleep

    and the country songs never help you sleep(…)

    The roads don't love you and they still won't pretend to

    The roads are dark and long in all those country songs »

    The Magnetic Fields – Long Vermont Roads Continue reading

  • IvanCamino


    'El mundo es un pañuelo!'

    Translated as 'The World is A Handkerchief' this Spanish proverb is our neighbours' colourful way to express the universal sentiment that it's a small (and getting smaller) world.

    Ivan Blanco Vilar has Spanish parents, was born in Switzerland, speaks seven languages and works in Monaco. It is no surprise then that the globe might seem more conquerable to him and that he can sniff an adventure even from the land of luxury in the Principality. Continue reading

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