• DISTANCE DETAIL: Racing For Memories

    The Girl In The Georgette is back after her TCR adventures last year. Currently on the TransAm Bike Race across America, she gave us her thoughts on the 'why' of ultra cycling. 
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  • The Influences Of Confluences


    The Musée des Confluences in Lyon sits on the meeting of the Rhône and Saône rivers. It's purpose is to examine the story of mankind and the history of life. Philosophy and science, à la francaise. It was also the meeting point for the second edition of Chilkoot's Confluences - four districts, four departs, four groups of cyclists that leads to some pontification on the story and meaning of cycling, following the format laid out by our learned museum curators.



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  • cmc2016_manivelle_design



    Trains, plains, and...gravel bikes. The second edition of the Cuneo-Monaco Classico was made by pioneers for pioneers. Part cyclo-sportive, part audax, part pizza and beer festival, the guys at Chilkoot know how to throw a bike party. And the rules are, there are no rules (if you like it that way). There is a beautifully crafted route map sure, but don't follow if it you want to get to Stars 'N Bars for beer in Monaco as quick as possible. Continue reading

  • Lead


    ‘Everesting’ was invented by George Mallory Jr (grandson of THE George Mallory) who, while training for an expedition to the North Ridge, came up with the idea of riding his bicycle up and down the 1,084m Mt Donna Buang in Australia, until he’d achieved the same elevation as the biggest of big mountains. Our attempt originated in less noble circumstances. Continue reading



    This weekend the streets of the City will be full of skinsuits rather than tailored ones as the Mr Porter London Nocturne celebrates its 10th anniversary as THE festival of cycling in London. Not only do everyday cycling enthusiasts get to compare themselves with the professionals around a course that includes landmarks such as St Paul's Cathedral, but folding bikes and penny farthings will also be racing. And the new Concourse D'elegance competition merges fashion and cycling - a challenge to put on your most stylish cycling outfit, polish up your bike and share the Nocturne Circuit Continue reading

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