• On The Road Again

    « In Tennessee in the rain again

    and the fireflies never go to sleep

    and the country songs never help you sleep(…)

    The roads don't love you and they still won't pretend to

    The roads are dark and long in all those country songs »

    The Magnetic Fields – Long Vermont Roads Continue reading

  • Moto To Morocco - The Tale of Two Bikers (In One)


    It's a lesser-known fact about photographer Camille McMillan that he loves the moto as much as he loves the push bike. So when we asked him to join our Morocco adventure there was no possibility that a cheap flight to Marrakech would suffice. Instead he turned the 'job' into a 5,000km escapade on his big bad KTM. And all those hours in the saddle gave him plenty of time to have some interesting thoughts about the similarities and differences between the motorcycle and the bicycle. Here is part one of MotoCamille's Moto To Morocco journey. Continue reading

  • cmc2016_manivelle_design



    Trains, plains, and...gravel bikes. The second edition of the Cuneo-Monaco Classico was made by pioneers for pioneers. Part cyclo-sportive, part audax, part pizza and beer festival, the guys at Chilkoot know how to throw a bike party. And the rules are, there are no rules (if you like it that way). There is a beautifully crafted route map sure, but don't follow if it you want to get to Stars 'N Bars for beer in Monaco as quick as possible. Continue reading

  • gnocchi



    The best gnocchi in the world is, of course, from Italy.

    The best gnocchi in the world is made by the loving hands of gentle Jennie, the co-proprietor (along with slow-moving but fast-thinking Beppe) of a very remote mountain retreat in the Cottian Alps. Continue reading



    Day in and day out in the Café, our eyes receive a treatment of the latest, the greatest, the stylish, the vintage, the ugly and the odd from the world of the bicycle. It's a matter of taste, sure, but let's be honest; we all love judging (should we say analysing) another cyclist's machine. And actually, as a way of connecting with other cyclists it's a great conversation starter. Frame weight, componentry, gearing, motor in the bottom bracket? Continue reading

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